Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Kindness During a Very Difficult Year

The lines to vote early at the Springfield-Franconia Government Center were a 3-4 hour wait every day for two weeks. I was heartened to see people with children, pregnant women and disabled older Americans insist on voting in person rather than use the convenient curbside voting alternative. The determination emanated everywhere.

Then along comes World Kitchen: Peruvian Brothers delicious beef or vegetable empanadas handed out free to the voters. If that isn't enough, Mediterranean food take out restaurant chef comes along from "Little Sesame" and distributes free cauliflower shawarma pita sandwiches and water. . Delicious!

For once, I saw kindness during a very difficult year. I thank those companies for their acts of kindness and I wanted to let others know, the food was great!

Lillian Brooks


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