Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Why Is Dino Drudi Always the One?

Why am I always the one ending up critiquing Michael Pope's articles. As far as I'm concerned, he's NoVa's #1 journalist. The editor could turn this into a letter, but it's really a critique of the editing. Even your premier writers you need to challenge when they too readily confuse advocacy groups' talking points for facts.

Myth-busting Michael's first entry addresses the view that voter fraud is rampant by noting, "Even the commission launched by the Trump administration in 2017 specifically to explore the threat of voter fraud uncovered no evidence...."

The commission's request for voter information from every state was met with significant bipartisan backlash, resulting in states refusing to supply some or all of the information, citing privacy concerns or state law. No state provided all the data the commission requested. Anti-fraud crusaders point out that there is no system in place to detect voter fraud, implying it's not being found because it's not being looked for.

Dino Drudi


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